Online encyclopaedias

UGA Éditions is providing support and assistance to the development of two online encyclopaedias.
Designed and produced by groups of researchers and research professors from a number of Grenoble establishments and bodies, these encyclopaedias make organised expert knowledge on energy and the environment available to all. Articles are written and approved by scientists specialised in the field.

This website features articles written with a focus on pedagogy and scientific and cultural mediation. The information is organised under 8 headings – air, water, land, climate, physics, living things, health and society. Accessible, objective and reliable, these articles constitute a valuable resource for secondary school teachers, students and anyone interested in these topics.


This encyclopaedia brings together thematic articles, a large number of bibliographic references and presentations from centres of expertise in the field of energy. The articles examine the theoretical bases and the history of energy in various parts of the world, and also uses and key technologies. Some require readers to have a solid knowledge base, while others are accessible to all.
Published on  October 17, 2017
Updated on October 17, 2017