Editorial policy

The new multidisciplinary presses, UGA Editions, intend to pursue a consistent, ambitious and innovative editorial policy that combines concern for quality and clarity of writing, scientific rigour and attention to editorial production, in line with the highest standards in place.
This policy is implemented by the directors of collections and journals who are renowned in their fields and who work with reading committees, external experts (both national and international, in an editorial guidance and assessment scheme), and academic publishing professionals.

In addition to the field of research and educational publishing, scientific and cultural mediation collections will soon be available, allowing scientific knowledge to be disseminated to a large audience, while maintaining a high standard of quality across all publications. Moreover, UGA Editions distributes energy and environmental encyclopaedias online, making organised expert knowledge available to all. UGA Editions is also developing a periodical sector open to all quality journals held by the UGA laboratories.
UGA Editions has embarked on the transition to make its journals open access in close cooperation with the Revues.org and OpenEdition Books platforms and aims to encourage the multimedia republication of works from collections of the former brands (ELLUG and Grenoble Sciences). This multilingual and multimedia publishing development will help us to address the challenges relating to changes in contemporary publishing.

The multilingual competences that we have at the Université Grenoble Alpes in the publishing division mean that we are able to publish journals in English, Spanish, Italian and German for the humanities, and books in English for the sciences and the technical field, in partnership or otherwise with private publishers. Internationalisation will be stepped up via an intratranslation and exotranslation strategy and active distribution in the three areas of publication: research, pedagogy and scientific and cultural mediation.

The general catalogue of titles lets you learn about not only the variety and scope of publications but also the innovative nature of the most recent publications.
Published on  October 17, 2017
Updated on May 23, 2024