In order to ensure the scientific quality of publications, each document is subject to several reports by referees selected according to the relevant discipline. As such, 900 exact sciences experts, and almost 300 literature and humanities referees have been called upon to this end.

Editorial guidance and technical centre

UGA Éditions takes particular care in terms of the editorial quality of its publications. It relies on its team of publishing professionals who master a broad range of skills. As such, UGA Editions is able to guide the author of a project with regard to technical production (work on figures and equations, choice of illustrations and proofreading).

Digital publishing

UGA Editions is fully committed to new scientific publishing practices related to digital technology:
- by integrating the XML-TEI in the production workflow for its literature and humanities publications;
- by opening its portal on Openedition books;
- by choosing only digital format and open access for its journals on the platform;
- by creating pap-ebooks, open access companion websites that expand on the content of certain scientific books.

International development

UGA Éditions pursues an active policy of translating methodological and theoretical publications into or from French, enabling knowledge to really be updated and accelerating the theoretical and methodological dialogue between the different intellectual communities and audiences involved.
UGA Éditions is simultaneously developing multilingualism for its journals and research literature.
Published on  October 17, 2017
Updated on February 26, 2023